Isnin, 18 Julai 2011

Uncle Mordy laid to rest

GEORGE TOWN : The oldest JEW in Penang, Mordecai David, who died last Friday, was buried at the Penang Jewish cemetery yesterday.

He was 90.

Fondly known as "Uncle Mordy", he was the last of the Jews, whose family came from Baghdad.

His sons, David, from his former wife and two grandchildren are living in the United Kingdom.

Mordy is also survived by his partner and carer of over 40 years, Annie Chua.

Family members, friends and the Jewish community gathered at the cemetery in Jalan Zainal Abidin to bid farewell to the affable former hotelier. Members of the Penang Heritage Trust were also present at the funeral.

Close family friend and fellow Jew, Gary Braut, 64, paid tribute to Uncle Mordy in an eulogy.

Uncle Mordy's father David Mordecai came to Penang from Baghdad in 1895 and was a member of the colonial society in the Straits Settlement in the 1930s.

Uncle Mordy led a varied and interesting life, and served for many years as the manager of the E&O Hotel and the former Casuarina Hotel in Batu Ferringhi. -- By Phuah Ken Lin.

SUMBER: Petikan dari akhbar New Straits Times, 18 July, 2011.

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