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Chinese in Kajang are being "liwat" real good ?

By Syed Akbar Ali

Kajang Is A Waste Of Time, Vote Or Dont Vote So What?

Someone asked me to say something about the Kajang By Election. What is there to say except that the Chinese are being liwatted real good - but its ok because it is 'suka sama suka'. So why should anyone else bother?

I received a call the other day and someone said that the Muslimat PAS (their women's wing) is going around the Malay neighborhoods in Kajang and telling the Malay women 'kita orang Islam mesti undi orang Islam'. 

All their claims to be multi racial and progressive is just b.s. This is the real PAS. But the Chinese in Kajang dont care. As far as they are concerned, anything to take down the BN is a good thing. They dont care what PAS says about non Muslims 'behind their backs'. It is a "suka sama suka" situation.

The convicted of sodomy PKR penasihat asked a Chinese PKR ADUN to quit. Why not ask a Malay PKR ADUN to quit? Bukan tak ada. Now it is one less Chinese on the PKR side. Then the Court says he has to spend some time behind bars. So he cannot run for the by election. 

Did they give back the Kajang seat to a Chinese? Nope. They gave it to his wife - considered a Malay. So it is now one less Chinese seat for the PKR in Selangor. The Chinese got liwatted. Do they care? Nope. It is 'suka sama suka'. 

On the BN side they have fielded a female Chinese candidate. In true Barisan Nasional multi racial spirit. Will the Chinese vote for the BN. Nope. 

Apa lagi Cina mahu? Do Chinese want money for Chinese schools? No. Do the Chinese want huge gomen contracts given to them exclusively? Not really. (Whatever contracts goes to them anyway). So apa lagi Cina mahu?

They want a gomen that is clever and not stupid. Until 2003 the BN had 2/3 majority. In 1999 when the Malay vote was split over Anwar, the Chinese rallied behind the BN. We lost Terengganu in 1999 but we did not lose Penang, Selangor or Perak. The Chinese voted for the BN. I am saying it like it is guys.

The Chinese (like everyone else) are getting tired of the corruption, cronyism, wastage, the stupid gomen policies, the dumber than dumb GLC regime in the country, the brain dead education policy, the 'tidak apa' attitudes, the arrogance, the rise of state sponsored religious intoleranceand a few other things. 

It is not 'Apa lagi Cina mahu'. The right question is 'Apa lagi Cina TAK mahu'.

I just had lunch with a big bucks Melayu korporat friend. He says he is getting out of business. He is getting fed up. 

We were comparing notes. I was a Director in an IPP (technically I still am). We got hit by the Asian Financial Crisis. We were not a critical situation. A fully functioning power station is a strategic asset. Our problems could have been easily sorted out. But it was a question of what cables you have and 'who you know'. We did not know the right people. We were simple straight forward 'lets get it done' people. I think we were the only IPP in the history of IPPs in Malaysia that was completed under budget !! But so what? If you cant pull cables, you can try pulling kite strings. Or go fly kites. There was no Danaharta, Danamodal, Danajamin or anyone else to bail us out. 

Because there were vultures around.  The Chairman of Tenaga Nasional at that time was a PM crony. Our financiers were GLCs owned by Khazanah. Khazanah cronies also called the shots at Tenaga Nasional. Life became extremely difficult for us. To make a long story short the former Chairman of Tenaga has now "bought over" our power station from the GLC banks. And he got a loan from the same GLC banks that closed down on us !! Cantiknya. Thats how it works in Malaysia.

Then my lunch partner shared his sad story. He explained why he was forced to sell his business. There was a cash crunch. So he needed extra funds. This was post Mahathir already. The same GLC banks said no to him. He had no choice but to sell. Who bought his company? A GLC lah. And the GLC raised funds from the same GLC banks who said no to my friend. So he sold out, settled his debts, has some spare cash and is now chilling his heels.

So if these things can happen to Melayus and BN supporters, what chance do the Chinese have? So it is not 'Apa lagi Cina mahu?' It is 'Apa lagi Cina tak mahu?' 

The PM thinks he can pacify the Malays by giving them BR1M. He thinks he can pacify the Chinese by giving money to Chinese schools. How misinformed is the Prime Minister. Dato Seri, it is not 'apa lagi Cina mahu'? It is 'Apa lagi Cina TAK mahu?' 

And these are the same things that all of us tak mahu. Kita pun tak mahu lagi cronyism, corruption, wastage, leakage, moronism, arrogance, religious intolerance, poor policy making, almost dead education system, tidak apa attitudes, gomen not functioning and everything else.  Ini semua kita tak mahu. 

Coming back to my friend and I, we are still UMNO and BN supporters. You might ask 'are you mad'? 

No I am not. I still believe in the BN philosophy that has built this nation from 1955 until 2003. We have been sliding downhill since 2003.

I dont believe in the politics of the mad crackpot opposition. Your leader is a convicted sodomist lah dunggu ! Apa lagi lu mahu? Do you seriously want PAS to be in power? Take your medication ok. 

You want the PKR clowns in power? They are ex UMNO lah. Sama kepala. Anwar has said point blank - he wants Khalid to spend that RM3.0 Billion reserves in Selangor. What does he mean by that? Did he say 'build a bridge, build a highway, build an LRT?' No. He simply said 'spend the money'. Fuiyyo. 

You want the DAP to be in power? Orang Melayu yang sokong DAP reti tak cara-cara nak panjat pokok? Because that is where you will be living if the DAP comes to power. Kalau tak percaya pi lah tengok dekat Pulau Pinang. Kondo di kawasan Gelugor sekarang dijual dengan harga RM900 sekaki persegi. 1000 sf condo now costs RM900,000 in Penang. How many Malays in Penang can afford to buy houses in Penang now? Fikir baik-baik.

What we have to do is get rid of the dim witted, the corrupt, the morons and revamp UMNO and the BN. The money politics and the politics of money have to stop. Many say that this is not possible. It better be because the alternative is disaster. We have to get rid of these people. Not the party or the philosophy. Marah nyamuk jangan bakar kelambu. Sembur ubat nyamuk.

At lunch the talk was if the PM was being "programmed" to step down sometime around sometime. This is a sign of desperation among those who really really want things to change. Will their wishes come true? Only the 'programmers' can answer their prayers.

Coming back to the Kajang by election, it will be a waste of time. Even if the BN wins, so what? It does not change anything in Selangor. If the Pakatan wins, so what? It will not change much for them. 

It will still be the end of the career for Azmin Ali. This time if Anwar goes off to Sing Sing, the lights will become quite dim for Azmin. I think his entire team will be slowly but surely replaced in Selangor. PKR may just learn to move on without Anwar and Azmin. 

There is a danger for the BN though. Quite a few UMNO boys say that without Anwar they will support PKR. This could be dicey for UMNO. If Wan Azizah wins with a bigger majority then I believe this is the case. 

Anwar's days as a politician are coming to a close. He has been found guilty. He is appealing to the Federal Court. When will his appeal be heard? This year? 2015? When will the Federal Court conclude the appeal?

The Sodomy 2 charge was in 2008. Trial started in 2010. The acquittal was in 2012. The guilty verdict upon appeal was in 2014. Six years. 

Say the process of appeal to the Federal Court bla bla takes another two years. Say the Federal Court upholds the conviction. That will be 2016. His five year prison term will start then. Say he gets released from prison in 2021.  Anwar will be 74. He cannot run for election again for five years AFTER release from prison. He will be 79 years old. 

What about a pardon? The last time he was pardoned for Sodomy 1 because the event took place seven years before he was charged for the crime. I think that was one of the main reasons the board pardoned him. This time the event took place about 56 hours before the boy made that police report. Plus they have solid DNA evidence.

(I know, I know the defense made a fuss about the police inspector tearing the envelope with the bottle inside. The question that none of you clowns can answer is how the guy's semen got into the boy's behind. And into that bottle. Itu barang mana mari? How did YOUR semen get into the bottle ? That is the question which just cannot be answered).

So this time even a pardons board application seems slim. 

But so what? The BN must be taken down at all costs. So it has to be 'suka sama suka'. 

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