Khamis, 13 Ogos 2015

Hang Tadak Biji & Hang Pi Mana

Hang Tadakbiji promised to meet the G25 about 6 months ago to discuss these very important issues - of how Islamic laws and the constitution and secular laws can co-exist.

The PMO confirmed that a meeting had been set up.

Hang Tadakbiji broke his promise.

In March, the BN party presidents announced confidently that Hang Tadakbiji would issue an official stand on hudud within days.

Hang Tadakbiji broke his promise.

You see, Hang Tadakbiji really does not care about the good of the country or the people. He is a very simple man. He just wants to cling on to power, and will do anything to achieve that aim. He is 100% self-centred.

Meanwhile, the issue continues to fester.

Here's another example:

"The Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP), which opposes non-Muslim lawyers practising Shariah law, today gave notice that all Islamic enactments are excluded from fundamental liberties in the Federal Constitution. MAIWP's position means that it does not hold the Federal Constitution as being secular in nature."

You cannot expect the courts to sort this out piecemeal.

That Indian mother's custody case and dozens of others have taken years. Much injustice has been done.

Do not expect the gomen to do anything.

Their energy is all concentrated on keeping the 3,000-lb national burden and Mr Water Spinach in their current home.

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