Ahad, 7 Jun 2015

From Jean To Ayahanda


I used to be a proud Malaysian. My pm used to be brave. He never backed down from anyone. He stood tall against the mighty superpowers. He talked and the whole world listened. And I used to look forward to hear his speech and to listen to his answers to questions. 

And my heart sank when I saw how Tun was treated on that stage. That was my father on that stage. His policy gave me education. My parent was only a farmer and yet I have a degree from US. It means a lot to our family.

And now I have a pondan as a PM. Being a chicken is one thing but after watching the way Tun M was treated, I have this deep hatred for that pondan chicken and anything associated with him. UMNO included. 

Jib, you are just a pondan. True, your blood is not sembarangan because not many pondan can make 20 billion disappears.

Jib, you are a disgrace to the Malay race, to your religion and to all Malaysian.


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